Starting on August 27, 2018 all railbill requests will need to be submitted on using the following procedure:

From the Home screen, the user will
 • Click on “Submit a Ticket”

 • Select “Intermodal & Streetturn” under "Shipment Type".

• Select “Loaded Railbill Requests” or “Empty Railbill Requests” under "Services".
This will take you to the railbill request form.
This form will allow you to railbill a single container or attach the “Multiple Request” form on this notice for multiple containers.
You will also be able to attach your signed Haz Dec as applicable.

• Please make sure when entering info into the form that you do not use dashes or spaces, especially with the phone number.

 • You will receive a confirmation Message with the Ticket #.

• Once the railbill request has been completed and EDI sent to the railroad you will receive a message stating that the Ticket is Closed.

To Cancel an Export Loaded or Empty Railbill Request:
 • Please send the request to Please reference the Ticket # in the subject line.